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Ninja vs. Samurai RPG revolves around storytelling.  The Game Manager is responsible for guiding the players through scenarios looking for specific items, performing daring rescues, assassinating key figures, ridding a village of demons or enemy factions, or whatever story comes to pass.  The player's responsibilities are to stay within the parameters of the characters that they have created and find ways to successfully complete the mission at hand.  The limits to the realm of Ninja vs. Samurai RPG are only bound by the imagination of those who enter.

Download to play, Free!

The Basic Rules are divided into six PDF documents.  Download and print them for your use:

Part 1 details the rules of how to play Ninja vs. Samurai for both the Game Manager (GM) and Player, this document provides information about:

  • Items needed to play.

  • The attributes and the actions for which they govern.

  • How to determine the success or failure of the actions.

  • Methods of movement.

  • Unarmed combat rules within the AR system.

  • Guidance to create a playable area to explore.

  • How to create NPC Factions, Gangs and Groups for enemies.

  • The point system.

  • The character creation process.

Free to Play Rules

Part 2 The character sheet is an essential part of playing a Ninja vs. Samurai RPG game.  Click on the links to download the Ninja vs. Samurai character sheet. This file is a two-page PDF.


Print and/or photocopy this for all players who want to create a character to join in a scenario, quest, or campaign, or when you need more.


PART 2: Playable Character
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