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kurai hitokage

ninja clan

          Said to be formed from members of exiled Shinobi ninja clan, the Kurai Hitokage Ninja Clan is a formidable force in any province of Japan.  The Kurai Hitokage, like the Yakama family, also seek recognition when there is an opportunity to be noticed.  Fierce fighters and deceitful warriors of the night with a bloodthirsty vengeance to be feared, the Kurai Hitokage clan is a dreadful group.

the kurai hitokage Mondokoro

"Demon in the Shadows"

The mondokoro of the Kurai Hitokage is black based to symbolize death and the underworld.  Within this orb are several swirls to represent the unknown paths of the afterlife.  Two colors are shown for the available paths.  The first is red which represents anger, power and torment.  The purple colored swirls represent mystery and madness.  The yellow orb the rests at the top of the mondokoro holds two meanings for either friend or foe.  For those who subscribe to the tenants of the Kurai Hitokage ninja clan, this orb represents the goal of unknown intellect of the underworld.  For those who oppose the ninja clan, this orb resonates with the danger and unstable nature of the person carrying this emblem.


martial arts name and origin

          A Ronin by the name of Kuga Doshi is responsible for the influence of the Kurai Hitokage development.  A descendent of the warrior-monk Kain Doshi, Kuga spread the style of espionage and assassinations learned from his forefather to become one of the most lethal arts in all of Japan.

mystic art

10th Degree Mystic Art: “Akuma No Hitokage”  Those who master the art of Kurai Hitokage gain the ability to release their inner demon after surviving the Okumatte Shiken.  This trial, though potentially fatal, allows one to transform into a selected demon form that allows the practitioner the potential to unleash great hidden power.


kurai hitokage characters
Master Ono

     The current leader of the Kurai Hitokage is a man of no remorse.  Ono is strong and fearless and the main conspirator of the imprisonment of the Kichiku-sama.  Seeing that the Kichiku-sama was hell-bent on destroying the nation of Japan, Ono sought the assistance of several people including priests, monks, and sorcerers.  Sitting high as the head of the Kurai Hitokage with an iron fist, Ono directs the clan in the direction he desires.

     The Grand Master known as Ono is a fearless leader.  Although Ono leads with an iron fist, who maintains a secret from everyone.  As Ono and his older brother Oki, the being now known as the Kichiku-sama, were ascending the ranks of the Kurai Hitokage, the two shared a plan of Ono being the second in command to the Kichiku-sama, and the two ruling as one.  While training, Ono watched as his brother repeatedly entered the Akuma No Hitokage, emerging more powerful each time, until the being that stood before him was no longer his brother, and barely a man.  Declaring himself the Kichiku-sama, and announcing his plan to destroy all humanity, Ono learned that he could not subscribe to the destiny of the bloodthirsty maniac his brother became.  As the legend of the “Man of 1,000 Demons” grew, Ono devised a plan to imprison the being in hopes of freeing him from his demonic state later.  A final fight with the Kichiku-sama cost Ono his eye, yet the demon was imprisoned deep within a lone chamber of the Shisha no Dokutsu, and over time, Ono was declared the Head Elder of the Kurai Hitokage.

     Ono is a ruthless warrior with an unyielding determination.  Having the ability to tap into his abundance of Ki Energy, Ono uses his Mystic Abilities primarily using his knowledge of distance and distractions to circumvent altercations.

"The Man of 1,000 Demons"

     The evilest living creature in all of Japan is the true head of the Kurai Hitokage.  However, "The Man of 100 Demons" spends his time bonded by mystical chains to the confines of a lone chamber in the "Cave of the Dead".  Before becoming the Kichiku-sama, Oki was driven to become the most powerful man in Japan.  To do so, he underwent the Akuma No Hitokage several times, before being driven completely mad by the parasites he invited into his body.  While in bondage, the Kichiku-sama plots his escape and revenge of the members of his clan that turned their backs on him.

     The Kichiku-sama has long since been described as a man.  His tormented mind and possessed body is constantly under attack by the suggestions of the yokai he willingly allowed to inhabit his body.  He has no other interest other than the complete obliteration of life on the planet.  He is homeless, unless chained in his chamber in the Cave of the Dead, penniless by choice, and has no interest in interaction with anything living or dead, unless they can help him escape his chains.

     As a character, the Kichiku-sama is the most vicious and brutal being in all of Japan.  He is the epitome of evil and wants to kill anything he encounters that does not move out of his way.  He is unable to be reasoned with, blood-thirsty, and kills with extreme prejudice.  Should the Kichiku-sama engage any character, he will attempt to kill them in the most violent and gruesome way imaginable utilizing his most powerful techniques to achieve this bloodlust frequently.   

Toru transparent.png
Toru "The Monster" 

     Toru allows himself to be controlled by his carnal desires.  Those desires lead him on quests.  His ultimate goal is to possess the most powerful sword in Japan, the Shukumei-ken.  This mission began the feud between the last surviving member of the Katsunoka house and the Kurai Hitokage ninja clan.  Now, Toru spends his time thinking of new ways to achieve his ultimate treasure.

     Toru is the most adventurous elder in the Kurai Hitokage Ninja Clan.  An elder by the age of twenty years old, Toru has earned the respect of both Ono and Konachi.  With this accomplishment as his fuel, Toru can be braggadocios and brash toward all of his underlings.  Toru is consumed by his goal of obtaining the most powerful sword in all of Japan, the Shukumei-Ken.  Having only held a replica, briefly, and facing the real sword in battle, it is now the only item Toru feels is worthy of pursuit.

     As a character, Toru’s impatience for diplomacy thrusts him into physical confrontations quickly.  Though a capable combatant, Toru primarily utilizes his skills as a leader, organizing missions where his underlings carry out their duties through his meticulous plan.  This allows Toru to walk behind the carnage undetected.  Toru is a cunning and skills warrior of the shadows, who this skill to gain leverage over his targets.  His methods of attacking from and retreating to the shadows are unparalleled.  As a fighter, Toru tries to overwhelm his opponents with wild flurries of movements, changes of pace, ferocity, and attack angles using faster, harder-to-defend techniques over those of force and strength.


     The sorceress, Konachi, walks alone unless ordered to be accompanied.  Being alone allows her to not have the responsibility of another life.  When in the position of authority Konachi is a no-nonsense leader who desires adherence to the mission's plan, proper execution, and total silence.

     Konachi is the most mysterious of the Kurai Hitokage Head Elders because she stays in solitude from the masses.  Angry that the process for evolution has distorted her once pretty face is something Konachi begrudgingly holds against her clan and is the reason for her choice of independence.   However, Konachi is known to assemble teams on rare occasions, Konachi does not care about the well beings of her underlings.

    Konachi uses her wealth of knowledge of the shadows and combines it with her “Devil’s Voice” technique to gain an advantage over her targets. 

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