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family dojo

          The Yakama family is a very quiet group.  Deeply rooted in the religion of Buddhism the Yakama family is known for their Mystic Art.  Also, a family of Jujutsu practitioners, any member of the Yakama family is able to defend themselves.  Said to be related to the Kurai Hitokage ninja clan the Yakama family has lived with the assumption of being responsible, or at least associated with, many of the malpractices of the Kurai Hitokage ninja.


the yakama mondokoro

"Restoration in Beauty"

The beautiful mondokoro of the Yakama is presented in green to represent the fertility of man.  The black bloom of the cherry blossom is used to represent beauty in all things living. The white lines are used to represent paths of purity and goodness and are swirl about to symbolize the indirect paths we walk throughout our lives.  The pink adornment of the cherry blossom hung high and used to send a message of beauty, health, and wellness.


martial arts name and origin

          Takenouchi’s teachings reached all regions of Japan.  The head of the Yakama family was a particular interest of Takenouchi and private sessions between the two lead to the development of a secret form of Jujutsu that remains in practice solely by the Yakama family.


mystic art

10th Degree Mystic Art: “Sensen” Based on the Sensen no sen philosophy, is an initiative launched in anticipation of an attack where the opponent is fully committed to their attack and thus psychologically beyond the point of no return.

yakama characters
Ganryu Yakama

     The male patriarch is a mysterious figure whose legend is steeped in as much confusion as most fables of Japan.  Ganryu Yakama is the only living male in the Yakama compound of beautiful Akita-bijin.  Master Yakama spends his time in his herb garden or laboratory working on concoctions of rejuvenation and is mostly seen publicly, visiting botany or herb shops.  Though Master Yakama is an accomplished practitioner of Jujitsu, his strongest techniques are in medicine.  Because Master Yakama has never been seen with a woman some believe his gorgeous daughters have all been generated from herb creations as he seeks eternal youth using them as guinea pigs.  

     Ganryu Yakama is a most mysterious man.  Hell-bent on resurrecting his long-lost wife, Ganryu Yakama has stumbled onto a formula to maintain eternal life.  All his daughters are his creation, but he maintains the status of a father over them.  Because each is an improvement on the next, but none of his formulas have resurrected her, he continues the research that consumes him.   

     Master Yakama is a no-nonsense person, stern, assertive, and unwavering in his philosophy.  He will only state what he believes one time, and if challenged, will resort to violence where he will use his most powerful techniques, namely the “Sensen” Mystic Art, to ensure short conflicts. 

Asami Yakama

     It is uncertain whether Asami Yakama is the sister, daughter, or wife of Master Ganryu Yakama.  All that is known is that she is the oldest of the Yakama women and that her beauty is unparalleled by women of her age.  Though beautiful and extremely kind, her biggest pet peeve is unwarranted advancements from unworthy men. 

     Asami Yakama is the first success of Ganryu Yakama’s practices.  Asami is quiet, greatly confident and calculating, and understands her position in the Yakama hierarchy.  Asami Yakama’s main priority is setting an example for the rest of the women in the Yakama compound. Perpetually annoyed by the pursuits of men, Asami generally stays in the compound and gives direction to others much like a general.

     Although practicing martial arts is not important, Asami Yakama is no one to toy with in a physical confrontation.  More capable than one would believe, Asami Yakama’s prowess puts her near the top of Japan's fighters. 

Kame Yakama

     Another Yakama woman whose beauty is rare is Kame Yakama.  Once a free-spirited thrill seeker, Kame has become the Yakama house mother since the arrival of Nana, Chioku, and Rei.  Always giving the younger women encouragement and advice, "Kame talks" occasionally spark her former adventurous nature.  When this occurs, Kame will secretly wander off to fulfill her fantasy only to return to the compound reinvigorated with life where she settles back into her matriarchal role.

     Kame Yakama is a worldly woman due to her adventurous nature.  Though she carries a rough exterior she is surprisingly approachable.  As the second oldest woman in the house, she sets her sites on Chioku, her counterpart within the younger set in Ganryu’s household.  Though the two argue incessantly, Kame has chosen her and is determined to push the young woman to achieve greatness. 

     Kame Yakama is a talented jujutsu practitioner who believes in her skill far more than she is able to perform.  Her favorite techniques will involve slowing her opponents through the use of Mystic Arts to level the field.  

Miki Yakama

     Miki Yakama is the only Yakama woman to attempt to follow in Master Ganryu Yakama's interest in biology and healing.  Always willing to travel to find ingredients to create her own concoctions, Miki understands that Ganryu will not be around forever and is trying to position herself as the next head of the Yakama household.

     Miki Yakama is the strangest of the Yakama woman.  Due to her focus on the sciences Miki has missed out on developing normal social interaction skills and struggles with humor.  Though one can not describe her as reclusive, Miki finds horticulture more interesting than human interaction.  She considers herself a  very serious scientist and remains extremely loyal to Ganryu Yakama.

        Miki is more of a chemist than a martial artist and hasn’t taken her training seriously though she has achieved a notable rank.  When necessary, Miki will use Mystic Arts and Renzokuken vs. opponents, because she “doesn’t like to get dirty”.

Megumi Yakama

     The dividing line between the younger and older Yakama women is Megumi.  Oftentimes, Megumi is the voice of reason to give both the younger and older factions a balanced perspective of a situation in the Yakama house to quell any differences that may come between the ages.  If Megumi's worldly insight is not enough, she offers to referee a friendly physical confrontation between the arguing members of the house.  

     Megumi Yakama always seems to be around the shenanigans of the Yakama compound.  She has a sarcastic and nonchalant tone nearly all the time. She has set a high standard for herself and holds others, namely the older Yakama women, that same standard to ensure the younger have a role model. 

        Though the strongest of the Yakama women and a fine martial artist, Megumi chooses to use her mind to defeat most opponents, manipulating them through the use of Mystic Arts.    


Nana Yakama

     Nana Yakama is the oldest of the younger Yakama women.  She tends to remind her two younger siblings of this fact.  She is strong-willed and over-protective on the surface, but Nana has a soft spot for those less fortunate than herself.  She is the type to go out of her way to assist others and this saintly nature has led to several personal adventures.  

     Nana Yakama is the peace-loving member of the Yakama women who wants harmony, especially at the forefront of the relationships between her siblings.  She is loyal to a fault and eager to gain or undertake experiences that will advance the Yakama name. 

     The only time Nana Yakama displays any type of anger is when the Yakama's reputation is threatened.  She will take on any challenge head-on to defend her house and use any means to see it thrive. 

Chioku Yakama

     Chioku Yakama is the insecure young Yakama woman that under-estimates her own ability and beauty.  Just as skilled as her older and younger sisters, Chioku allows the simplest things to distort her self-opinion.  This doubt forces Chioku to plan adventures to shake the feeling of self-remorse.

     Chioku Yakama is the reincarnation of Kame Yakama.  This reputation has grown her to become a spitfire, independent, and ready for action against anyone.  This personification, however, shadows a mask of insecurities.  Chioku Yakama will command underlings with the expertise of a seasoned general, however, inside self-doubt will torment her.

     As a fighter, Chioku will use complex techniques when a more suitable, simplistic technique may be the answer.  Usually performing Mystic Arts to the Maximum of her abilities, she’s been known to run out of energy in the middle of a battle.

Rei Yakama

     Rei Yakama is the most beautiful woman in all of Japan.  When natural light hits her flawless skin, she seems to emit a heavenly hue.  As the youngest of the Yakama Akita-bijin, Rei uses her youthful beauty to gain anything she wants.  This flirtatious behavior often gets Rei in awkward situations.  Rather than showing her own skill as a martial artist, Rei will elect a male martyr to defend her honor.  When news of this gets back to      Ganryu Yakama, Rei will be punished and banned from interacting with the community for a time.  Rei's answer to this time of forced solitude is to concoct a new plan for a new adventure.

     Rei Yakama is much smarter than she lets on.  Understanding what the public opinion is about her, Rei Yakama uses it to her advantage, flirting and leading young men brave enough to ignore the warnings about Yakama Rei’s father, Ganryu.  It often gets her into trouble, but secretly she is looking for true love. 

     As a combatant, Rei Yakama is ambitious and feisty.  Her newfound success and achieving a 1st-degree black belt make her a bit cocky.  Rei Yakama will give an opponent an opportunity to escape or recovery after an effective move combination.  

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