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family dojo

          Founded by a lone Shinto monk, the Takashiro clan is one of the regions defenses.  Though not as large as the Kushihara, the Takashiro clan protects much of the western section of the country.  The Takashiro clan seeks accolades, and many of its members openly challenge other groups to attain respect from the surrounding area. Considered to have abandoned the original Shinto traditions the Takashiro clan has many grudges with outside family elites, and holds a special grudge with the members of the Kushihara Samurai.


the takashiro Mondokoro

"Seven Paths of Enlightenment"

The Takashiro family emblem is emblazoned in red and intended to show the energy and power coming from anyone who dawns the family mondokoro.  The actual seven paths stem from a black orb that symbolizes protection from which everything stems.  The paths which are based on seven of the eight tenants of the Bushido codes of righteousness, courage, benevolence, respect, integrity, honor and loyalty and are represented through each of the yellow arcs. 

martial arts name and origin

          During the rivalry between Uesugi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen several Samurai decided to leave from both sides as to not be caught in the middle of conflict with those of like minds.  A few of those Samurai joined forces and swore to let the feud conclude without their influence.  This infuriated both Uesugi and Takeda.  Hearing that bounties were placed on their heads this group formed a Samurai group.  As they fled from danger and stopped infiltration from those interested in bounty, news of their warrior prowess spread.  The group became known as the Takeshido No Okami (Bushido’s Wolves). Soon they seemed to gain new members every time they entered a new region.  The Takeshido No Okami grew strong and everyone who trained with them gained the same physical prowess as the legend that was spread throughout the land.  Soon they were strong enough to establish themselves in Japan and began constructing a fortress where the secrets of their arts were taught.  The Takeshido No Okami changed their the name to Takashiro, which was an amalgamation of first and last initials from each of the founding members, and named their art Takashiro Ryu. 


mystic art

10th Degree Mystic Art: “Kage No Naka O Aruku”- During this attack, the user moves effortlessly slipping from this realm and traversing through alternate dimensions to deliver attacks from different directions to multiple targets. 

takashiro characters
Kensai Takata.png
Kensai Takata

     Kensai Takata is the last remaining blood descendant of the founding members of the ronin samurai group.  He is the oldest member of the Takashiro and keeps the group moving toward the original mission of martial arts superiority.  Kensai Takata uses life occurrences of the other members to reinforce the plight of the Takashiro and stress how the bond between the members is the strongest attribute of the group for anyone pledging allegiance to the Takashiro banner.

      Kensai Takata is the leader of the Takashiro Samurai Clan.  As a character, he is a calculated leader.  Daily Kensai Takata is under the pressures of being a Samurai, leading a clan and leaving a historically worthy legacy for his underlings to follow.  His greatest wish is that those who follow the Seven Paths of Enlightenment do so justly.

     As a combatant, Kensai Takata relies heavily on his ability to manipulate Ki Energy as he feels it is the flow of energy that gives the warrior an advantage in battle.  Once Master Takata learned the famed “Seishin No Ken”, he is quick to utilize its strength.  When not using his strongest Mystic Art, Kensai Takata favors his ability to wield a physical sword before using any of his other Mystic Arts. 

Bo Kiyojima

     The smiling Bo Kiyojima is a friendly man known throughout Japan for his generosity and kindhearted demeanor.  Though he is larger than most and carries a menacing weapon, this gentle giant will offer anyone the shirt of his back to ensure the comfort of others.  Ironically, Bo had a turbulent upbringing until he wandered his way to the doorsteps of the Takashiro as a young boy.  He was brought in and cared for and treated like never before, being nursed to a healthy weight and taught to be somebody in life.  For this, Bo has dedicated himself to the Takashiro and let this memory lead him along a straight and narrow path of congeniality.

     Bo Kiyojima is the wisest of the elders in the Takashiro Samurai Clan and may be the most intelligent person in all of Japan.  Modeling himself after Buddha in both mannerisms and appearance, this walking hulk of a Samurai is often considered a gentle giant.  Though good-natured and kind, Bo Kiyojima is easily a mislabeled man. 

     Because his kindness precedes him, Bo Kiyojima attempts to discuss solutions, and convince challengers to explore other ways to resolve confrontations.  However, for those that do not find a peaceful resolution, Bo Kiyojima has developed a personal, devastating attack that he uses to prove his prowess and superiority to would-be challengers and foes.  His “Crushing Blow” Technique is often Bo Kiyojima’s first attack; however, his gentleness rarely allows him to direct this attack at a living body.  Instead, Bo Kiyojima will use this attack to damage or even break a weapon that is being used against him.   This attack combined with Bo Kiyojima’s imposing size usually incites a bit of fear in his opponents leaving them vulnerable to more attacks. 

Bo Kiyojima.png
Kiyo Manata.png
Kiyo Manata

     The battle-hardened ronin, Kiyo Manata, is a lone wolf within the dojo.  Apart from training with other members Kiyo is seldom seen cordially interacting with other members of the Takashiro.  The cause of this solitude little is known about the ronin, yet should anyone try to invade the Takashiro province, Kiyo can be seen ready and willing to die to defend the honor of his beloved house namesake.  

     Is the second in command of the Takashiro Samurai army.   Though a master of several fighting techniques and is known as a warrior who has seen more than his fair share of battle, Kiyo Manata prides himself on his decision-making and ability to put those under his command in the right places to succeed.

     As a warrior, Kiyo Manata favors the effectiveness of his blade prowess. In battle.  Kiyo Manata only uses his Mystic Arts in times of necessity, saving most of his energy to allow him to be more measured in his attacks.   Kiyo Manata favors the Renzokuken #3 attack to begin his physical confrontations allowing for his final attack to be the Mystic Art: “Blow Away” technique. 

Tsuno Moto

     Tsuno Moto is the model samurai who follows the Bushido way of life to the tee.  Doing his best to follow the Seven Paths of Enlightenment and modeling the true samurai way is Tsuno's main concern.  However, his personal struggle with Earthly desires is a challenge that he constantly faces.  Knowing that he must lead men and dealing with his personal dilemma complicates matters which reminds him he is merely a man trying to live the will of his God.

     Master Moto is the most conflicted of the Takashiro Samurai.  Often giving off harsh and uncaring energy, the Master could quite possibly be the elder who is most interested in the wellbeing of his younger Samurai.  Living a conflicting lifestyle of servitude and desires, Tsuno Moto has found a way to sympathize with Takashiro students who mistakenly stray off the path of righteousness.

     As a Samurai warrior, Tsuno Moto is a fighter who enjoys combat.  Knowing the power he possesses, Tsuno will often use basic techniques to toy with his opponents to discover how superior he is over them or to see what kind of determination they have in a fruitless physical confrontation.  Tsuno Moto will use more powerful techniques or Mystic Arts when he himself is in danger or the situation involving his students requires such a show of force.

Tsuno Moto.png
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