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family dojo

          A new social elite family to the area of japan, the Nakatashi family has spent the last twenty-five years proving itself to the three other elite families of this area.  Greatly gifted in the arts of karate, the Nakatashi enters any and all tournaments in an effort to showcase their endless budget and martial art skill.  Often seen with members of the Kushihara dojo it is suspected that the Nakatashi family may have gained its new found prestige through illegal activity.


the nakatashi symbol

"Growth Under the Rising Sun"

At the top of the mondokoro for the Nakatashi family rests the rising sun and symbolizes where all things receive the energy to grow.  It pays homage to Japan as it is often referred to as "the land of the rising sun.  Under the sun is a Bonsai tree that is growing not in a container but comes from the earth.  This tree represents the dedication and focus a practitioner of Samura-Kai must maintain in order to perfect the techniques.  The effort and focus on long-term cultivation to shape one’s self for perfection.  This black tree represents the class and formality one must sustain to fulfill this desire of completion.


martial arts name and origin

          Although Hino Tomiko, the wife of the legend Ashikaga Yoshimasa, never produced an heir, she birthed several strong females.  Each married into proud, prosperous families.  Taught to each of these women were the virtues of a samurai wife.  However, because Hino was such a remarkable woman, she also secretly taught her daughters the way of the samurai fighting style by watching her husband train and mimicking his movements.  One such daughter Yugito, not only learned the samurai way but also mastered it.  During chance encounters with ambitious rouge men, her skill would be tested.  Having defeated them, her victory was kept secret for the sake of saving her attacker’s name.  Yugito was later married to a young politician named Ikeda Nakatashi.  Having growing prestige, the newlyweds were accosted by a group of ninja who had been contracted to take the politician’s life.  Yugito had no choice but to defend the life of her young husband and she did expertly.  After the encounter, Yugito was ready to take her own life for deceiving her husband, however, Ikeda would not have such an act be completed.  He was thankful for Yugito’s skill and insisted that she not only train him but their offspring as well to ensure the Nakatashi name be saved.  This style of fighting became known as Samura-kai, a hybrid fighting style blending Samurai-Do and Karate, that emphasized speed and efficiency delivering technical blows to vital areas of the body.


mystic art

10th Degree Mystic Art: “Kage No Naka O Aruku”- During this attack, the user moves effortlessly slipping from this realm and traversing through alternate dimensions to deliver attacks from different directions to multiple targets. 

nakatashi characters
Genrei Nakatashi

     Throughout Japan, the name Genrei Nakatashi is synonymous with accomplishment.  Genrei studied Samura-Kai entering several tournaments throughout that time and consistently emerged victorious.  This led to his amassing a large amount of money.  Now, Master Genrei Nakatashi lives a lavish lifestyle as a well-respected proprietor of the nation and a national celebrity.  The master has never been seen in public looking less than extravagant, smiling, and being kind.  Since retiring from the tournament scene, his new mission has become to build the Nakatashi dojo name for all of Japan to admire.

     Genrei Nakatashi is an accomplished fighter who literally fought his way to the top.  Entering every tournament he could, Nakatashi-san amassed notoriety that resonated throughout Japan.  Winning five tournaments in one year, Genrei Nakatashi may be the most decorated martial artist throughout Japan.  With his winnings and name spread throughout the country, Genrei Nakatashi used this sudden rise to fame to create a calling to his dojo of which has never been matched. 

     Genrei Nakatashi is a striker at his base.  Utilizing both his Renzokuken and 10th Degree Black belt Mystic Art against nearly every opponent, Genrei Nakatashi defeats targets using speed, strength, and an overwhelming number of techniques.

mei nakatashi

     Mei Nakatashi is the loving wife of Master Genrei Nakatashi.  Beautiful and immaculately composed, Mei is the epitome of a Lord's wife.  She is sweet, kind, gentle, and serving, Mei Nakatashi is a woman who can take care of herself if need be.          

     Mei Nakatashi is a consummate samurai wife that stayed home to take care of domestic duties and educate the twins, Gataki and Tagaki in their early years. She is humble, dutiful, and disciplined.  Mei Nakatashi also found time to master the Yumi, taking her studies in Nakatashi Kyudo seriously.  She is a celebrated archer winning the Kyujutsu No Nakatashi several times (though some believe she won because she is the wife of the master).

     Mei Nakatashi is a true archer and the best in Japan.  Though she learned striking techniques, she rarely utilizes these skills, appreciating the safety provided by long distances.

Takagi Nakatashi

     The twin, Takagi, does not like many people.  Unlike his identical twin brother, Takagi is far more inclined toward physical confrontation.  Takagi is selective with the company he keeps and prefers to go on adventures with only his best friend and brother.  To continue the family name on the martial arts circuit, Takagi enters tournaments and has found early success as anticipated by the people of the Aomori region.  Many say that if you combine the Nakatashi twins, another Genrei would be formed.

     Tagaki Nakatashi is abrasive and short-tempered.  His attitude stems from a life of trying, training, and practicing only to have his abilities equal, and constantly compared, to his twin brother; someone he feels only gives minimal effort.  His drive comes from the celebrated accomplishment and legend that his father is.  Trying to equal or surpass his father’s accomplishments drives him.  Even finding a woman to love was measured by the accomplishments of his father.  Because his work ethic is so high, Tagaki Nakatashi believes he is never found a student or training partner worthy of his expertise.  Feeling as though his twin cannot keep up, Tagaki hones his craft alone and enters tournaments as a measuring stick of his own abilities. 

     Tagaki Nakatashi is a strike first, asks questions later type of man.  He is a grappler who uses an enchanted Bo staff and will allow prejudgment of his opponent’s abilities or level of infraction to determine which skills to employ verse the target identified. 

GaTaki Nakatashi

     The twin, Gataki is the more focused and level-headed of the twins.  He is adventurous like his, but also more cautious and cerebral.  Gataki is thought to be the heir of the Nakatashi family.  Like his father, Gataki models a lavish lifestyle through behavior and dress.  However, unlike his father, the inclination for mortal combat does not burn as strongly.  Instead, he prefers peaceful interactions and lasting personal connections.

     Gataki Nakatashi is the sweet son of Genrei and Mei Nakatashi who seems to not be concerned with anything.  Though he is smart and aware his, low level of care makes people think he is not.  He enjoys the company of his brother but has always wanted him to not be so tense.  This attitude stems from a lifetime of trying to get his brother to see things through a more peaceful veil.  Competition does not inspire him; instead, he enjoys quality company and lavish living.

     Gataki Nakatashi prefers to turn and walk away from someone trying to threaten him rather than display his martial arts skill.  He is also willing to let go of personal items to avoid confrontation.  The only thing worth fighting for according to the young man is his family, but only to a certain degree that the threat is no longer present.  Gataki will not personally seek revenge, nor pursue someone that offended him and then escaped.  He will, however, accompany a family member that takes on this task, only to ensure their safety.

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