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ninja clan

          A history that dates back to nearly the beginning of time, the Uchitori Ninja Clan remains shrouded in mystery.  Even though the clan has very close bonds amongst its members, assignments are usually carried out by teams no larger than four.  Through the years the Uchitori has kept many secrets very well hidden.  However, it is known throughout Japan that the Uchitoru Ninja Clan and Kusihara Samurai Clan are bitter rivals.


the uchitori symbol

"Birds of Flight"

For those under the Uchitori Mondokoro a subscription to the crane.  As it is known as a symbol of luck, longevity, and fidelity, cranes are said to grant favors in return for acts of sacrifice.  The blue that encircles the cranes embodies that message representing loyalty to the clan and trust between the members throughout the earthly sky.  The twin opposing cranes are shown together to show strength in numbers and are facing opposite directions to show that those within the group are protected by others.  The color gray is used to solidify this message of security and reliability.


martial arts name and origin

          It wasn’t always that the Uchitori and Kushihara groups feuded.   It wasn’t until Kemi Hachitora began using small groups to raid neighboring villages and castles to fulfill his desire of thrill, adventure, and treasure.  This was looked down upon by Utsemi Sotmakata one of the members of the Kushihara Samurai dojo.  Despite Utsemi warning Kemi of his ways, Kemi continued raiding villages, and Utsemi remained an ally.  However, on a fateful day, Kemi’s raid took a turn for the personal worse.  Kemi raided Utsemi’s home village killing many of its people, including some of Utsemi’s family members.  When confronted, Kemi declared that he did not know of the raid on the village or the death of its people.  As a good friend Utsemi refused to believe that Kemi would be so careless.   The investigation, however, determined that it was orchestrated by people who associate with Kemi. This began a feud between the two.  Utsemi swore he would avenge the death of his village and family, and hunted Kemi throughout all of Japan.  Being that he was overwhelmed Kemi fled, yet no matter where he went, Utsemi would quickly find him.  Kemi spent the better half of his life fleeing from the clutches of the Kushihara.  However, while pursuing Kemi, several innocent bystanders were injured in their wake.  These people began siding with Kemi, who would teach them the way of the ninja.  Soon the group grew large enough to withstand attacks from the Kushihara.  Kemi had formed the Uchitori Ninja Clan, and in it, the arts of ninjutsu were practiced to institute a ninja far stronger than many others.    The pursuit of adventure, treasure, and passion became the mission of the new group and continues to drive this group of vagabonds.


mystic art

10th Degree Mystic Art: “Jufuku No Uchitori Hoho”: Passed down from generation to generation is the technique that makes all who train under the Uchitori school formidable beyond compare.  Multiplying themselves many times fold has been the key to the survival of the Uchitori.

uchitori chracters
Menta Keshinato

      Since becoming the Head Elder of the Uchitori ninja Clan, the mysterious Menta Keshinato has become the pied piper of Japan.  He steals children from their homes at an early age and then weaves a tale of misfortune and abandonment that allows him to be the child's savior in order to gain that child's alliance.  Often, Master Keshinato will lead a team of Uchitori into a town during the night to kill adults, then return to that town in the guise of traveling monks or Shinto priests and gather the children of the lost in an effort to gain more members to the Uchitori ninja regime.  

   Menta Keshinato is the persuasive Grand Master of the Uchitori Ninja Clan.  His mission is to find children orphaned, stolen, or otherwise, and convert them into ninja.  Menta Kushinato has his ear to the noise of the human trafficking underground and uses this knowledge to find most of his potential student body.  Menta is respected by his force and has conditioned them to always follow and protect him. 

   Menta Kushinato understands his strengths and knows he is not the strongest person around.  Therefore, he relies on his ability to hide in the shadows, and attack unsuspecting foes with critical and fatal attacks as quickly as possible then slip back into the darkness unnoticed.   

Kokoro Yatome

     The young Kokoro Yatome is the excitable second-in-command ninja warrior of the Uchitori ninja clan.  His willingness to carry out missions is fueled by his lust for rare treasures, especially armor and weaponry.  Kokoro holds a personal vendetta against the world for taking his family and ruining his childhood, but in the back of his mind, the thought that the death of his family may have been caused by the very group he upholds lingers.

   Kokoro Yatome is an angry young man with intense feelings and a relentless attitude.  His vendetta against society for what was allowed to happen to his family burns forever within.  His token mask is his insignia “Oni No Ha” mask is a symbol of his anger toward the world.  Kokoro Yatome is most loyal to Menta Keshinato who found him and trained him in the art of Ninjitsu and has given his life to the Birds of Flight. 

   Kokoro Yatome is a fearless fighter who will face anything head-on should it stand in the way of his direction or challenge the Uchitori Ninja Clan.  Kokoro will use attacks from above, utilizing his Mystic Arts to gain an advantage over an enemy.

Ran Ogata

     Ran Ogata is the sickly ninja of the Uchitori who is rarely seen.  Often causing unnecessary problems due to his illness, Ran wonders if he truly belongs with the ninja clan that has accepted him as a brother.  Fearful that his illness will cause harm to his family, Ran elects to stay in solitude.  While on missions, Ran believes that his illness will cause his family to one day, turn against him.

      Ran Ogata is a sinister chemist with a dark mind.  Born with several physical defects, Ran Ogata was found crying at the bottom of a waterfall after being discarded by his father and brought to the secret location of the Uchitori Ninja Clan.  Though the grueling physical training of Uchitori made him feel helpless, his ability to mix ingredients gave Ran a sense of purpose.  Now the ninja Ogata Ran has learned to level the playing field and has identified an incredibly special mixture, “Shinigami’s Tears” that he uses against the most challenging opponents.

     Ran Ogata is quick-witted and understands his deficiencies.  Often feigning on his weak, Ran lures opponents into a sense of false superiority before striking.  Everything he uses is coated in poison, that way, should he lose a weapon, a would-be opponent retrieving them unexpectantly experiences some dastardly effect.  Ran keeps his precious teddy bear, “Mayonaka” stocked full of various poisons, and often coats his Kunai with them before throwing them at targets.  Many Uchitori Ninja, such as Kokoro Yatome, believe Ran’s reliance on carrying Mayonaka is because Ran Ogata is weak and needs comforting.  However, few are able to witness the genius of this ninja warrior and live to tell of it. 

Shou "Senshi" bishu

     The ever-confident Shou Bishu is the Uchitori ninja clan Champion.  Using the alias "Senshi", Shou Bishu enters into martial arts tournaments for the thrill of mortal combat.  Shou often challenges his brothers of the clan to various competitions., rewarding them handsomely should they defeat him.

     Shou Bishu is a ninja with abilities far beyond his age and experience.  Some consider the ninja a "freak of nature".  His size, speed, agility, and cunning make him more than a challenge.  He is a physical specimen of which has never been seen.  Shou Bishu enjoys the challenge of competition more than most and can often be seen in the thresholds of a tournament often taking him away from the confines of the Uchitori compound. 

     Despite his probable size and strength advantage, Shou Bishu attacks from the shadows.  Using Mystic Arts, such as “Hidden” or “Conceal” Shou casts terrifyingly large shadows to invoke fear in a target.  When the target’s defenses are compromised, Shou Bishu will use his natural ability to administer quick, powerful attacks to finish a target. 

Osamu Korai

     Osamu Korai is a boy who has made his fame being underestimated.  His slight but wiry frame disguises his strength.  Stolen from his family at the age of two, Osamu has learned the way of the shadow and accepted his role as a member of the Uchitori ninja clan.  His many quests for treasure and thrill for espionage have blossomed a cocky and boisterous individual.  

     Osamu Korai is a rare find in the Uchitori Ninja Clan.  He is an arrogant, boisterous, fun-loving young ninja.  Osamu thrives for the thrill of a mission and enjoys showcasing his skill despite his lack of experience.  When matters become serious, however, Osamu becomes much more focused and serious to achieve a positive outcome. 

     Osamu Korai loves being underestimated.  Any opportunity to showcase his ability over another is welcomed by him.  He is often chosen to protect Menta Keshinato and fulfills this duty flawlessly.  As one of the stronger ninjas in the clan, Osamu Korai enjoys overwhelming opponents with repeated crushing Power Attacks or uses his ability of Stealth to deliver fatal or critical strikes.

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