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Q1. Is this game like D&D?

A: Yes... and no.  Though Ninja vs. Samurai is a tabletop roleplaying game and shares similar tropes, themes and mechanics of the roleplaying game genre, it is its own game.  

Q2. How long does it take to play a game?

A: The duration of a game of Ninja vs. Samurai is definitely up to the GM and players.  The quests, scenarios and campaigns fo the game are desgined so that multiple storylines out of the module books can be ran simultaneously.  Each quest is broken up into parts to allow for stopping and starting without any complication; simply remember what part your character(s) are playing through.  Often, allowing for 1-3 hours per gaming session is enough time to see characters find themselves in an adventure and build to an exciting climax or cliffhanger to be completed at a later date.

Q3. What system does Ninja vs. Samurai use?

A: Ninja vs. Samurai introduces the all-new Alternate Realm (AR) Gaming System which offers players familiar gaming tropes with unique and exciting features.  Nine attributes govern character interactions within the world whether through persuasion, stealth, speed, or combat. To learn more about these features, watch, like and subscribe to the YouTube channel, "The Alternate Realm".

Q4. How many players can play Ninja vs. Samurai at once?

A: As many players as the GM will allow.  Ususal games consist of 2-6 players, but that in no way is the limit to players that may join.

Q5: How much experience playing RPGs does a player need to play Ninja vs. Samurai?

A: Ninja vs. Samurai is for expert TTRPG players and those just getting started.  The fun thing is that since Ninja vs. Samurai is a new game that boasts its own system, EVERYONE is a relative beginner!

Q6: How old does someone have to be to play Ninja vs. Samurai?

A: The short answer is, "Ninja vs. Samurai is for everyone."  However, it may be best to use disgression when introducing RPGs to some.  The game is recommended for players age 7 years old or older.

Q7: How many adventures does Ninja vs. Samurai have?

A: Ninja vs. Samurai contains 167 total prewritten adventures.  All modules are full of adventures an lore with an average of 20 adventures per book.  Between the Affiliation Quests, Elder Quests, Tournaments and other type of quests and Random Encounters there is plenty lore to satisfy even the most experienced gamer.  GMs can also create their own adventures using the information found in the modules and manuals to expand on any information and create unique experiences for their gaming group.

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