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Current story

A time where the world is steeped in tradition, order and stability.  It is a time where honor sets precedence for one’s family name.  While noblemen, Samurai and ninja joust to become heads of state, many men, women and children  find focus and determination to carry themselves along their personal quests to find, acclaim, treasure and answers to the one question that burns within.  That question is not of right or wrong.

That question is... are you Ninja or Samurai?

Main characters


Kanuki Takanashi

At the tender age of nine years old, Kanuki's family was slaughtered along with various members of the province she once resided in.  Her older brother Seiji, the only remaining member of her family, is the one thing that keeps Kanuki connected and informed about the world around her.  Kanuki forewent all forms of education after her traumatic experience and has solely trained in martial arts to one day get revenge on the people who stole her youth.  Already a master of her family fighting style her quest for martial knowledge has not stopped there.  Kanuki has also achieved a 3rd-degree black belt ranking in Tominogoshi-Do, and paused her study of Samura-Kai, to learn Master Daisuke Matsunoshin’s secret fighting technique, “Kami No Te”.  Though Kanuki is quite possibly Japan’s strongest martial artist, she must hide the fact that she is a woman from the sexist men of Japan.



Seiji Takanashi

Seiji is Kanuki’s oldest brother and only living relative.  After their village was destroyed by marauders, Seiji joined Kanuki on her quest to find those responsible for the loss of their loved ones.  Although Kanuki possesses martial arts prowess of which has never been seen, Seiji’s discipline is in medicine, religion, and ethics.  He accompanies Kanuki through her trial as her spiritual guide and maintains the secrecy of her gender.  Though Seiji’s principle responsibility is to aid his sister, he has taken on a personal goal after a love at first site encounter with Rei Yakama.  This lead Seiji to pursue his love interest, and through the commonality of medicine with Ryu Yakama, has become the only outside male to successfully gain access to the mysterious Yakama compound.




Yuudai Kato

Yuudai Kato is one of Japan’s strongest, and most notorious, warriors.  Before Yuudai began training he was most known as a drunkard who would cause trouble everywhere he ventured.  Yuudai would drink and run up a large tab.  Needing money to satisfy the barkeep, Yuudai would challenge anyone he believed had the largest purse to satisfy his debt.  Although fearless, Yuudai’s lack of martial arts skill would often time lead to an unfortunate thrashing.  It wasn’t until Master Takki Daigohitsu offered Yuudai a spot under his tutelage that Yuudai began to change his way. Yuudai may no longer be addicted to alcohol as in ways passed, but his braggadocios ways continue.




Rokuro Katsunoka

Rokuro Katsunoka was one of the most humble nobles throughout Japan.  His charity and gentle nature was something every one believed to be model.  Seen on numerous occasions providing for the sick and hungry, and known for his fierce ability to wield a sword, made Rokuro a living legend.  Because of his outstanding character and talent, Rokuro was gifted the legendary Shukumei-Ken katana, and swore to protect it from those who would intend to use it for evil.  Rokuro lived peacefully raising his family and practicing his art until his house was attacked by the Kurai Hitokage in an attempt to steal his famous weapon.  In a fierce battle, Rokuro lost home, students and namely his son.  Now, the Master wanders Japan searching to extract revenge from those who wronged him and stole everything.



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