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the nation of japan is yours!!!

Ninja vs. Samurai RPG is a fictional role-playing game inspired by historical events, locations, and people and centered around various time periods of Japan. 


from humble beginnings

The first Ninja vs. Samurai game was created back when Rayburn A. Jordan Jr. was playing several tabletop role-playing game titles in the early 1990s across multiple platforms and studying martial arts. This inspirational fusion became the catalyst for which a game was designed where players can create characters in a fantasy version of feudal Japan to live out adventures seen in popular martial arts movies and televisions shows.  Built using Lego building blocks and figures, the game centered around several families who were posturing to achieve the next level of fortune, governance, and acclaim in the martial arts.


The idea lay dormant for nearly twenty years until a comic book project opportunity with Quarantine Comics, LLC revitalized the title to its original form as a role-playing game.  Now, the title has evolved into a unique gaming experience of martial artistry, adventuring, growth, strategy and development in a new way to experience the exotic and fantastical history of feudal Japan.

game features

  • Detailed information about the islands, the culture, the class system and laws of feudal Japan in Ninja vs. Samurai RPG

  • Contains more than 100 martial arts techniques and over 20 Mystic Art development trees with multiple abilities and power levels to create the ultimate character

  • More than 250 weapons, armor and items across three tiers with customization possibilities for truly unique weapons

  • Provides information about the major and minor families, martial art forms, and character sheets in the Ninja vs. Samurai RPG story and adds over 100 Kami and yokai to lend a supernatural element to your campaigns

  • Offers countless quests, scenarios  and campaign options across a wide variety of timelines​ as well as  information on creating your own quests to tell your Ninja vs. Samurai story



...and much, much more!!!

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